As part of our work on the Data Marketplace in 2023, we’ll be starting new user research under three main strands within CDDO.

The three strands are:
  1. ‘Discover data’, which is how civil servants in government identify and find the data they need
  2. ‘Design a data share’, which is how departments set up data sharing agreements to meet the aims of services, products, and projects
  3. ‘Deliver data’, is how the data is accessed by those who have requested it

We're interested in hearing from people in non-technical and technical roles, and people who have had to access, use, and engage with data in their roles. This survey is open to both civil servants and contractors in government

If you’re interested in taking part in interviews, focus groups, or usability testing, please leave your details below. If you know of any other colleagues who may be interested in taking part in this research, please forward this page to them.

We take your privacy seriously:
  • only the research team will have direct access to the details you provide 
  • this privacy notice explains how we handle the data collected from you and how we use it

1. What's your job role?


2. Which government department do you work in?


3. What's your work email address?


4. Please tell us which strands of the GDX project you're interested in (select all that apply)