As part of our work on the Data Marketplace in 2024, we’ll continue with user research under four main strands within CDDO and we're looking for research participants.

The four strands are:

  1. Discover: Publishing, Finding and Assessing data to meet the aims of a project or service.
  2. Share: Making and agreeing and managing data shares easier, faster and compliant
  3. Deliver: Creating interoperable and reusable data services
  4. Guide: Accessing support, guidance, standards and documentation for data use and sharing 

We're interested in hearing from:

  • Data practitioners and non-data practitioners 
  • people who have had to access, use, or supply data in their roles
  • both civil servants and contractors in government 

If you’re interested in taking part in interviews, focus groups, usability testing, or other types of research, please leave your details below. If you know of any other colleagues who may be interested in taking part in this research, please forward this to them. Thank you - we really appreciate your time.

If you'd like to find out more about how we're using user research data to shape the Data Marketplace, you can read our most recent blog post.

We take your privacy seriously:

  • only the research team will have direct access to the details you provide 
  • this privacy notice explains how we handle the data collected from you and how we use it

1. What's your job role? *


2. Would you consider yourself to mainly be a supplier of data to other government organisations, or a user of data from other government organisations?


3. Do you have any experience of doing any of the following activities, either in your current or a past role? *


4. Which government department do you work in? *


5. Does your department have its own internal data catalogue or catalogues? *


6. Is there anything else that you'd like to tell us about yourself?


7. Do you have any conditions that impact your use of technology? Select all that apply.


8. Do you change any of the settings or features on your devices to make them easier to use? Select all that apply


9. Below is a table of tasks; please tell us how confident you would feel doing each task.

There are no right or wrong answers, we just want to understand more about you.

1. I can’t do this2. I would need help to do this3. I could do this with difficulty4. I could do this5. I could teach someone how to do this
Create a document, like on Microsoft Word or Google Docs
Search for instructions and information online, like on how to renew your passport
Evaluate whether a website is safe
Use online banking
Do a calculation in a spreadsheet to help you answer a question
Use information in a report to create a graph or chart
Create a pivot table in software like Excel
Work out whether a spreadsheet provided to you contains any errors
Read and understand graphs and charts
Import a CSV file into a spreadsheet
Using data to make decisions about your project or service

10. Please confirm whether you would you be interested in taking part in user research for the Data Marketplace *